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Please be sure to keep this information up-to-date as the year progresses.
Please let us know when phone numbers, addresses, etc. are changed.

My child, named above, has permission to attend all supervised field trips and activities of Keshet Preschool from September 2022 – June 2023. I/We understand that reasonable vigilance in the care and supervision of the children will be exercised. Beyond this I/We will not hold the school or those supervising the trip responsible.
I authorize the use of photographs of my child for Keshet advertising. No names will ever be used without additional parent permission.
I authorize the use of my child's photograph for in-house purposes only, including newsletters, daily emails, and Keshet's private Facebook page.

These are the people that you are allowing to pick up your child. Otherwise, we will need written permission to dismiss your child to anyone not noted on this list
Things Keshet should know about my child
Developmental Information
Please explain any concerns that you might have about your child’s development:

Please be sure to alert our staff if any issues or concerns develop throughout the year. Sometimes changes at home will affect a child’s behavior in school. This information will help us to help your child through any difficulties.
We are committed to a close partnership between home and school.
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